Cleaning Your Crazy Kettle

Cleaning Your Crazy Kettle

Cleaning Your Crazy Kettle

Learn the best practices for Cleaning Your Crazy Kettle

CrazyKettle offers many advantages for those who choose to use it. In addition to offering a fast and easy setup, CrazyKettle also offers variable temperatures and cooking zones that allow you to prepare a wide variety of foods. Even better, once your meal is done, CrazyKettle offers a quick and easy cleanup process for Cleaning Your Crazy Kettle.

Regular Cleanup of Your CrazyKettle

In normal circumstances, cleaning your CrazyKettle is a simple process. In fact, you only need to scrape out any remaining food before simply rinsing the kettle with water and then wiping it dry. It really is that simple!

Cleaning Your CrazyKettle After Burning Food

In some cases, you may have an accident with your CrazyKettle that involves burning your favorite meal. While you may be unhappy that your meal was ruined, you will be happy to know that cleaning the CrazyKettle after burning a meal is a very simple process. To do this, empty as much of the food from the CrazyKettle as possible. Next, heat the CrazyKettle on high for 5 to 8 minutes before carefully adding cold water. Bring the water to a boil for up to ten minutes. After allowing the water to boil, turn off the kettle and let the water cool before dumping it out. After completing this process, your CrazyKettle should be clean and ready for you to prepare your next meal!

Whether you are taking it to a tailgating party, to the beach or on a camping trip, CrazyKettle is a simple solution to meeting your outdoor cooking needs.

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