Storing Your Crazy Kettle

Storing your Crazy Kettle

Storing Your Crazy Kettle

One of the advantages to using CrazyKettle to meet your outdoor cooking needs is the fact that this innovative product offers a compact design. As such, it can be easily transported in an RV, in the trunk of a car, in the bed of a trunk or even with an ATV. Even better, when the CrazyKettle is not in use, it can be easily stored away and quickly accessible for the next time it is needed.

Preparing Your CrazyKettle for Storage

Each time you finish cooking with your CrazyKettle, you should wipe it down with water to remove all food residue. If any food was burnt to the surface of the CrazyKettle, you can remove the residue by heating the kettle for 5 to 8 minutes before boiling water for another 10. After you have successfully cleaned your CrazyKettle, you can then prepare it for storage by applying a small amount of cooking oil to its surface in order to guard it against surface rust.

Keeping Your CrazyKettle Safe

While applying a small amount of oil to your CrazyKettle will help to protect it from rusting, it is also important to take steps to prevent it from collecting moisture while in storage. To do this, you should not leave your CrazyKettle out in the elements. If you have no choice but to leave your CrazyKettle outdoors, you should cover it or at least remove the disc from the stand and lean it so moisture does not collect inside. For long-term storage or when preparing the CrazyKettle for transport, you should disassemble the three sections of the stand and stack all of the parts while keeping them out of the elements.


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