Our Favorite Crazy Kettle Recipes

Crazy Kettle Stir Fry

Crazy Kettle Stir Fry

Combine your favorite vegetables and meats to create a stir fry feast, fast.

Crazy Kettle cooks fries

Crazy Kettle French Fries

Potatoes never tasted so good! Fresh, hot, homemade french fries, for a crowd.

Crazy Kettle Shrimp Boil

Crazy Kettle Shrimp Boil

A family favorite, our quick and easy shrimp boil is a hit recipe from the South.

Crazy Kettle Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings

Simple, quick comfort food that serves an entire gathering.

Crazy Kettle Scones

Frybread from heaven! Just add honey butter or your favorite topping.

Crazy Kettle Lid Skillet

Breakfast Eggs & Pancakes

With our upgraded Crazy Lid, you’ve got an instant griddle for breakfast.

Crazy Kettle Makes Kettle Pop Corn

Crazy Kettle Corn

Our Crazy Kettle Corn provides an after entree delight or a quick snack.

Crazy Kettle Fried and Spanish Rice

Two cousin rice recipes that cook up quick and feed a crowd.