Crazy Kettle French Fries

If you don’t have Crazy Kettle French Fries sauce, I guess ketchup will have to do.

Crazy Kettle Stir Fry Fajitas Step 1

Step 1

Approximately one gallon of your favorite cooking oil will cook about 5-7 potatoes, per batch, for fries. Add the gallon of your favorite oil and heat on high.

Crazy Kettle French Fries Heat Oil

Step 2

Heat oil to approximately 350 degrees. Crazy Kettle recommends using an infrared thermometer for optimal oil heating. If no thermometer is available, test the oil temperature by dropping one french fry into the oil. If it bubbles and floats to the top quickly, your oil is ready!

Crazy Kettle French Fries Potato Cutter

Step 3

Crazy Kettle French Fries Potato Cutter makes perfectly cut fries out of clean potatoes.

Crazy Kettle French Fries add to oil

Step 4

Carefully add your cut fries to the preheated oil.

Crazy Kettle French Fries Stir while cooking

Step 5

Using a skimmer tool, stir french fries immediately after placing them in the oil to prevent clumping. Then stir occasionally for even cooking.

Crazy Kettle French Fries remove carefully

Step 6

 When fries are done, remove carefully with the skimmer tool, and enjoy your hot batch of homemade fries!

TIP: recently harvested potatoes will cook differently than potatoes that have been in storage. Fresh potatoes will cook completely without browning as much as a potato that’s been in storage.