Setting Up a Hunting Camp with Your Crazy Kettle

Hunting Camp with Your Crazy Kettle

Setting Up a Hunting Camp with Your Crazy Kettle

A Hunting Camp with Your Crazy Kettle Provides Easy Cooking for a Group

Setting up a quality hunting camp is a great way to have a positive experience. Not only will it help you to be more comfortable while you are out on the hunt, but it will also help to create a fun atmosphere for you and your friends as you enjoy a hunting trip together. If you are trying to set up a hunting camp, here are a few of the items that you will want to be sure to include:

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  • Tent: Be sure to get a larger cabin tent in order to give yourself plenty of space to relax during your trip.
  • Cot: A cot will help to get you off of the hard ground for a better night’s sleep, while also giving you a place under which you can store your gear.
  • Sleeping Bag: A sleeping bag can help keep you warm on cool nights while also serving as a nice fleece liner for added comfort.
  • Sleeping Pads: 3-inch foam pads can help to create a more comfortable sleeping space.
  • Rain Cover: Simply stretching a tarp over your tent can help to keep you dry during bad rainstorms.
  • Tent Heater: Keep yourself warm on cold nights with the help of a tent heater.
  • Cooking Supplies: A CrazyKettle and a cook set with utensils will make food preparation simple. If you have a big camp, you may also want to set up a cook tent.

With the help of these basic supplies, you will be sure to have a great time on your next Hunting Camp with Your Crazy Kettle!

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