Tips for Safely Lighting Your Crazy Kettle

Safely Lighting Your Crazy Kettle

Tips for Safely Lighting Your Crazy Kettle

Crazy Kettle is a great option for cooking outdoors. Whether tailgating, camping or simply spending time at the beach, CrazyKettle allows you to enjoy tasty food while exploring all that nature has to offer. To use your Crazy Kettle safely and to get it lit and ready for cooking your favorite meals, be sure to follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Attach a 20 pound propane bottle to your CrazyKettle.
  • Step 2: While keeping your face and hands away from the burner, turn the gas regulator to the LOW position.
  • Step 3: Light the CrazyKettle with a long lighter by placing the flame directly over the burner.
  • Step 4: Safely adjust the knob as needed to obtain the appropriate cooking temperature for your meal (low, medium or high).

After you have lit your Crazy Kettle and have achieved the proper cooking temperature, you are ready to prepare your meal. Once you have finished cooking your meal on your CrazyKettle, you can turn it off by simply turning the gas regulator to the OFF position. The regulator should always be in the OFF position when the CrazyKettle cooker is not in use. In addition, you should turn off the 20-pound propane pottle after you have finished cooking.

With its durable craftsmanship and easy-to-use design, can go with you virtually anywhere that you want to cook a great meal. If you are ready to enjoy a safe and simple way to cook meals while camping, tailgating and otherwise spending time in the great outdoors, CrazyKettle is right for you!

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